Workshops & Consultations

Ila facilitates workshops on many topics with creativity as a central theme. Please leave your contact information under contact to receive information on events, exhibitions and workshops. Please contact Ila if you would like to have her as workshop facilitator or guest speaker. Contact US

Nurturing our Creative Essence ~ Nestled in the Hub of Creation

A journey toward greater understanding of and connection to the astounding forces of creation acting in and around us. We will connect more fully to the creative flow from Source and to our role as co-creators.

How can we grow as co-creators on our Scared Mother Earth? How can we serve humanity in this process? When we hear the call to creativity, how will we answer?

Together we will explore these questions. We will create an open, loving and vibrant space to expand the creative force within each of us. We will focus on liberating our creative energies through body movement, colour, paint brush, voice and drum. We will explore ways to express our creative essences through action in our communities.

Walking in Balance and Beauty ~ the Power of Beauty in Our Lives

We are beautiful beyond all knowing and beauty is all around us. How do we honour this Beauty within ourselves and in others? How do we adore and adorn our Selves? How is our inner beauty reflected in the outer world and how does the beauty of the outer world touch and transform our inner being? Who are the mirrors in our lives that reflect back our Beauty? What are our gifts of Beauty to the world and how do we share them? Questions are keys to unlock doors to self knowledge. In our time together we will create a safe, loving and fun circle to explore these questions. We will create mirrors of self love, and prayer sticks to call help us manifest beauty in our lives.

This Time is Just for ME!

Our Being is the tool that we use on this Earth Walk to serve our higher purpose, to express our love and affection, to find joy, pleasure and fulfilment. Without being we would have no Life. There are so many distractions in today's hectic world that pull us away from taking care of our Selves. In giving over to distractions, real or perceived, we dissipate our precious life energy in ways that do not serve our higher purpose or our physical well-being. With appropriate self-care, creativity and gratitude we bring amazing energy into our lives.

The simple tools in this workshop help us to reflect upon the Beauty and Wisdom of Self, what limits us from appreciating and honouring that Beauty and Wisdom, and ways to nurture and direct the power of Self.