Online Purchasing

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Ila offers the following items of beauty for sale.

1. Prints of the photographs you see in the galleries or in the online exhibitions. Sizes range from 5"x7" to _ Prints will be shipped on foam core. If you are interested in larger prints or giclée of images or installation of larger pieces, please consult with me directly. Please indicate the photo by name on your order sheet. The name is below the enlarged photo in the galleries.

2. Already framed photographs are presently hung in Ila's Touched By Light Gallery. They are in unique frames that highlight the form and colours of the photographs. If the photo you love is already framed, you might find it in the Gallery tour. If not, Ila will send you the image of the photo framed with measurements and cost. Then you can decide which format you wish for purchasing.

3. Gift cards with Ila's photographs are available in packages of four. They are mounted on handmade paper and come in 5"x7" envelopes . Insert Photo

Please indicate the photograph(s), frame(s) or already framed print(s) you wish to purchase by name in the form below. You may copy and paste from the Galleries to reduce the chance of errors.

Please note that shipping and handling is extra. Shipping costs outside of Canada will reflect international pricing.

Once you have submitted your order, we will get back to you ASAP to confirm the details.

Please indicate the photograph you wish to purchase by name

Please note that shipping costs are extra. Shipping costs outside of Canada will reflect international pricing.

Please check back soon for more updates.

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